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AntahKaran™ Fitness Benefits

‘अंतःकरण™ फिट तो सब कुछ फिट, इसके बिना फिटनेस अधूरी!’

AntahKaran™ Fitness is the fitness of person’s AntahKaran™. AntahKaran™ is an integrated system & Process of ‘Mind, Intellect, Consciousness & Ego’.

10 Core benefits of AntahKaran™ Fitness;

1. Strengthen power of mind, power of intellect and power of consciousness.

2. Transforms the ego, from negative to positive.

3. Cleansing the consciousness.

4. Transforms intellect to losable to profitable.

5. Useful to develop self-confidence.

6. Helpful person to become self-reliable.

7. Beneficial to prevent psychosomatic diseases (Mind’s adverse effects on body) & somatopsychic diseases(Body’s adverse effects on mind).

8. Useful to increase focus on work or study.

9. Beneficial for spiritual upliftment & enlightenment, self-actualization, self-realization and pure soul manifestation.

10. Gives peace of mind, happiness and joy.